If you want something to impress the chocolate lover of the household, then you’d better try your hand at this Giant Lava Molten Chocolate Cake Recipe! And if you really want to put on a show, don’t forget the sparklers!
Seven years ago, my sister-in-law, Christina (-C) introduced me to the dessert I have to have every year for my birthday: a large bundt cake soaked with fudge, then topped with ice cream, caramel sauce, and chocolate shell. If you’re lucky, -C might even set off a smoke alarm by putting sparklers on top.
After moving away from basically everyone, I had to recreate this cake on my own.

Giant Molten Chocolate Lava Cake! A chocolate bundt soaked in hot fudge, caramel sauce, then filled with ice cream and a hard chocolate shell topping. And don't forget the sparklers!

After much searching and baking, I found my favorite recipes for chocolate cake , caramel sauce, fudge sauce, and even chocolate shell. And voila!  It’s so rich, but insanely delicious at the same time. So I have one of two options: (1) surround myself with all of my friends to help devour it, or (2) eat myself sick. Sometimes I just go ahead and do both. Worth it.


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